I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about Equitable Teaching! The logo for Equitable Teaching may seem like just a typical logo but for me it represents so much more. With the amazing support of Amanda from Zossdesign we were able to come up with something that I feel truly represents what Equitable Teaching is all about. The apple tree in the middle is representative of education and growth and the continuous circles represent the idea of collaboration and bringing resources into the classroom to support that growth. In its entirety the logo is a symbol of the principle that Equitable Teaching was founded on, the belief that the learning outcomes of all students should be met through the accessibility of their general education teacher.

Not only is this a founding principle of my company but it is also a personal belief that has continually guided my work as an educator and my advocacy as a parent. As a result, the skills, strategies, and perspectives that I have developed has supported the creation of the Equitable Teaching and afforded me the opportunity to coach educational staff that share in this belief. Equitable Teaching has been designed with the intention of reaching a greater audience. The result: a greater number of students that are having  learning outcomes met through the accessibility of their general education teacher.

Educators, both in general and special education, paraprofessionals, specialists, administrators, parents, and students, yes students, are all a part of the educational team and therefore play a role in achieving this result. Equitable Teaching was designed from this perspective and with the intention that it could be understood through the unique lens of each individual. Ultimately, supporting collaboration that cultivates an environment that sustains the learning outcomes of every student.

I look forward to supporting you in this journey!


Dr. Christina Marietti

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