MSS Creative Arts Program

Our next Shout-Out goes to MSS Creative Arts Program. We reached out to Lauren Hughes, The Director of Arts Development, to learn more about the history of this program and what it had to offer for individuals of all abilities.

Tell us about the Creative Arts program at MSS? 

The Creative Arts program was founded in 1999. It started as a one-woman operation and has grown into a robust program with 8 dedicated art staff. We utilize adaptive tools and techniques to engage individuals of all ability levels. Some examples of this include creating custom tools for those with limited fine motor skills and using visual samples to offer choices to someone who may not use their voice to communicate. 

What is/was the inspiration for this program?

We were looking for meaningful ways to engage participants, expose them to new activities, encourage self-advocacy and self-expression.

What types of creative art are supported?

MSS has 6 locations, each with dedicated art facilities including ceramics, screen printing, performance space, music recording, textiles, and mixed media art studios. We support artists in drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, fiber arts, photography, woodworking, and more

If an artist would like to pursue a career in art or sell their personal artwork what opportunities does MSS provide to support this venture?

We support artists who are looking to engage in art for enjoyment as well as dedicated fine artists who are seeking employment in the arts. These artists develop portfolios, submit work to exhibitions locally and regionally, as well as exhibiting in art fairs. 

What opportunities are provided for artists to display/share their work?

In addition to exhibitions and art fairs, MSS artists also have the opportunity to show work at our partner art gallery in St. Paul, The Show Gallery Lowertown, as well as participate in the annual Co Lab exhibition. 

If someone is interested in taking part in this program either as an artist or a mentor what is the best point of contact?

Lauren Hughes, MSS’ Director of Arts Development, can connect those interested with their nearest center.

If someone is interested in donating to MSS what opportunities exist to do so?

Donations to MSS can be made online on our secure website at: or mail a check to us at 900 Ocean St., St. Paul MN 55106. We also welcome people interested in hosting a house party or peer-to-peer fundraising. Other ways to support MSS include selecting MSS as your charity at, hiring the people we serve at your business, or volunteering at MSS. Donations to MSS are tax-deductible as MSS is a 501c3 nonprofit.

MSS Creative Arts Program recognizes the need for every individual to be able to express their creativity. The resources, support, and opportunity they provide to make this happen is astounding and is exactly why we felt they deserved a Shout-Out!

Christina and John

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To learn more about our work or how you can support people with disabilities please contact the Director of Development:  Shannon Brumbaugh P: 651-793-4126 |

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