Jet and Ann

With great delight we are excited to share that our next Shout-Out comes from the school that Christina teaches at, Meadow Ridge Elementary. Ann, a colleague and a friend of Christina’s, is a 4th grade teacher there as well. Jet is Ann’s three-year old dog that joins her classroom every Friday.

When asking Ann where the inspiration for having Jet in her classroom came from, we were pleased to find out that it was from the urging of Karen, the principal of Meadow Ridge Elementary. Karen knew Ann was interested in adopting and suggested that she take the necessary classes so that her dog could join her at school. Thus began the process of not only finding the right dog to adopt but also sorting through the classes and required paperwork.

Jet proved to be that
“just right” dog

While Jet was busy completing obedience training, therapy classes, and passing multiple tests, including the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. Ann filled out all of the necessary paperwork required by the district. Two and a half years later Jet has been a staple in Ann’s classroom.

As you hear Ann speak about the benefits of having Jet in her classroom, the pride for not only Jet but her students as well is unmistakable.  She explains that he contributes to a sense of regulation and calm for students. For those that might struggle more with making friends or just day to day interactions, Jet provides respite. A former student of Ann’s expressed, “it was nice knowing that I had Jet to listen to my worries, then I could move on with learning.”

Jet is a sweet, friendly, unassuming dog that clearly loves being around people. He has made his mark at Meadow Ridge and is loved by many future, current, and former students. We are very thankful that Jet and Ann decided to take on this venture so that he could share his love and positive energy with so many students! For this reason we felt they deserved a Shout-Out!

Christina and John

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