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We are SO excited to be able to start giving Shout-Outs again and believe Cow Tipping Press is the perfect organization to start with. We had the opportunity to have a Zoom interview with Bryan Boyce the founder and director of Cow Tipping Press, and left the interview feeling inspired by the opportunity and equity provided by this organization.

The focus of Cow Tipping Press is to provide opportunities for aspiring writers of all abilities to learn, create, and share their work. The foundation of this being the community; the writers, the teachers, apprentices, volunteers, interns, and readers. All with a goal of changing the narrative on disability.

Cow Tipping Press works in collaboration with many other organizations to provide writing classes for individuals with disabilities. Not only do these opportunities for learning recognize the untapped potential for new writers, but they also provide a platform for individuals to voice their perspective firsthand. A perspective that desperately needs to be expressed and heard.

The involvement in Cow Tipping Press does not end with taking writing classes. There are opportunities for Fellowship, Teaching, Volunteering and Interning. Additionally, there is opportunity for individuals that have taken classes at least twice to become an apprentice to the teacher. They assist with the instruction and coaching of students.

One of the many outcomes of participating in the writing classes is the opportunity to share work through book releases and readings. Cow Tipping Press works with local publishers to obtain a limited release of works that are then sold at readings open to the community. Many are also available on Amazon and local books stores in the Twin Cities area. Events are held all over the community and are an excellent platform for changing the narrative on disability.

When asked about how individuals can support Cow Tipping Press, Bryan offered many fantastic suggestions. There are opportunities to volunteer, host a book release, create a class, and financial donations. However the comment that stood out the most was Bryan’s suggestion that individuals simply encourage conversations around rethinking disability, a change in this mindset will contribute to the success of Cow Tipping Press and so many other organizations alike.

This focus on changing the narrative and providing opportunity for individuals of all abilities to express themselves through writing is exactly why we felt Cow Tipping Press deserves a Shout-Out!

Links to resources, upcoming events, and classes:

Marathon of Readings – live streamed on Facebook Friday, August 7th

Summer Arts Collective

How to Get Involved with Cow Tipping Press


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