21 Roots Farm

We would like to give our very first Shout-Out to 21 Roots Farm. This idyllic hobby farm is nestled on 21 acre’s in Grant, MN, about 8 miles northwest of Stillwater. Upon arrival there was serenity that could not be missed. We could hear the clucking of the chickens, baa from the goats, and the rustle of the leaves from a gentle breeze. All sounds of nature that contributed to an overwhelming sense of calm. In a word, 21 Roots Farm was very “chill”. It was apparent that the farmers felt this vibe as well and took full advantage of all of the benefits that come with just relaxing in nature.

However make no mistake, this is also the beginning of a fully functioning farm. One where farmers also come to work. Caring for the animals, gardening, and harvesting honey are just a few of the many chores available. 21 Roots Farm is a community where farmers can work side-by-side, play, and enjoy the fruits of their labor all in an afternoon.

So who are the farmers?

The farmers are individuals of all abilities. Brittany Wiitala and Amy Peterson, the founders of 21 Roots Farm, have not only the skill-set but also the desire to ensure that the farm is inclusive and accessible. A place where individuals can gain skills and feel a sense purpose from their efforts. Everyone is welcome and supported at their ability level to ensure this opportunity exists.

When asked what the catalyst for this farm was, why Brittany and Amy decided to do this? Well… we will let you hear it directly from Amy.

Why not!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, why not! This mindset is exactly why we are giving a Shout-Out to 21 Roots Farm!

If you are looking for a place to visit where you will feel calm, happy, connected to nature, and accepted for exactly who you are, 21 Roots Farm is the place for you! We have provided a link to their website below where you will find more information about their programs, how to schedule a visit, donate, and even volunteer.

21 Roots Farm
10361 110th Street
Grant MN, 55082

Christina and John

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