Use this strategy in place of a behavior chart or behavior plan. The is a research based strategy that promotes skill development and intrinsic motivation. I have done this with all of my students in my class. At times we will do it every day and start with it in the morning. Other times it could support a more long term goal. The success with this exists in allowing the student to fill it out. DO NOT provide responses for them. You can guide them towards a specific behavioral goal, but they need to be able to identify how it will look when the goal is met (outcome), and what things might get in their way (obstacle). This promotes self-awareness and intrinsic motivation. They may need support with the plan if they are not aware of all possible resources. I’ve linked the website in the title as a resources for more information.  IT WORKS!!!

Wish (what is your wish for today, this week, this month?)

Outcome (what will it look like if your wish is met?)

Obstacle (what things might get in your way?)

Plan (what is the plan to get there?)

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