Read Aloud

Guiding Questions

  • Do you have a visual schedule/expectations of your read aloud routine available to your students?
  • Where are students expected to sit during read aloud? How do they know this?
  • What are students expected to do during read aloud? If they are allowed to do something while listening to the story what are their choices? How do they know what their choices are?
  • Are students expected to follow along with their own book? How is this supported for students that may not be able to hold the book?
  • How are students expected to behave during read aloud? Have these expectations been taught? Are they clear and consistent?
  • Are students expected to sit silently? Is this a clear and consistent expectation?
  • Are students allowed to move around the room during read aloud? If so, have expectations been taught around this?
  • Are students allowed to ask questions about the story while you are reading or are they expected to wait until the end? Are these expectations clear and consistent?
  • Are you reading books that are representative of every student in your classroom? (ex. culture, race, disability, family dynamics, orientation)

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