Guiding Questions

  • Do you have a visual schedule/expectations of your math routine available to your students?
  • Do you always start with whole group instruction? Or does this vary?
  • Do student always need to get the same materials for math or does this vary?
  • How do students know what materials they should have ready? Is there a visual example provided?
  • If you provide math instruction whole group, with students sitting on the floor are there assigned seats? If there are not assigned seats, do students know how to choose a seat?
  • If students have to turn to a certain page in their math books do you provide a visual representation of the number?
  • If students are using extra materials (whiteboard, manipulatives, etc) during instruction or in partner/group work do they know the expectations around using the materials?
  • Do students know what to do if they are confused? How do they know?
  • Do you provide visual supports throughout your instruction?
  • Do you provide examples throughout your instruction?
  • Do you repeat instructions and expectations?

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