Instruction/Discussion Participation

Guiding Questions

  • Do you use visuals with your auditory directions?
  • Do you have classroom discussions or is it only instruction? Or both? How do students know the difference?
  • Are students expected to raise their hand to comment and answer questions? How do your respond to students that do not follow this expectation? If it is not an expectation, how does this look? Can they just speak out?
  • How quiet do you expect students to be? Is this consistent or does it vary depending on the situation?
  • How would you describe a student that is attending to your instruction or the classroom discussion? What does their body look like? What are they doing? How do they sound?
  • How do you gain students attention? Do they know your expectations for this? Do they know what your signal is for them when you want their attention?
  • Do you expected students to stay seated during classroom instruction/discussion? Can they stand? Can they move around the room?


Visuals can be used to teach these skills. They can be cut out, laminated, and put on a ring to use in place of auditory directions. For students that cannot read, pictures could be added to the visuals.  A schedule with the same text or pictures could be made for additional support.

Illustrations by
Thomas Ahrens

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