End of Day

Guiding Questions

  • Do you have a visual of your end of day routine available for your students?
  • Do they know where to stack their chair if they have one? Are they able to physically lift and stack their chair? If not, how could this be supported so they are as independent as possible in this task?
  • Do they know how to organize the materials (homework, returned, papers, class newsletters, etc) that they need to bring home? What is the organizational system within your class to support this?
  • Are they able to put papers in their folder independently? If not, what can be do to teach independence in this area? Do they not know which folder to use? Do they not know how to put the papers in the folder?
  • Are they able to put their materials in their backpack independently? Can they unzip/zip/button/latch their backpack? If they have a lunch box, do they know where to find the lunch box in your classroom? How do they remember to get it?
  • Do the students have outside clothing (jacket, snow pants, hats, mittens, scarfs). Are they able to put this on independently? Are they able to put this on in the space by their cubby/locker? Do they know what to do with their shoes (leave at school, bring home) if they are wearing boots.
  • Do the students know what they should be doing once they are ready? Are their clear and consistent options?

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