Beginning of Day

Guiding Questions

  • Do you have a visual of your morning routine schedule/expectations available for your students?
  • Are students expected to independently take off outdoor gear and put in a specific location? Where is that location in your classroom?
  • Are students expected to independently unpack their backpack? What items are they required to have and where should they put them once they are out of their backpack?
  • Are students expected to independently make a lunch choice? What is the routine for this? Can they read the choices?
  • If students have a home lunch are they expected to independently take it out of his backpack and put it in a specific location? Where is that location?
  • Are students required to turn in any materials (take-home folder, homework, notes, home/school communication, etc.)? If so, what materials and what location should they be put in?
  • Are students required to bring media books back on a certain day? If so, what day, how do they know the day beforehand, where should they put their books in your classroom, and what reminders exist in your classroom on the day they are due?
  • Are students expected to collect materials (school fliers, homework, class newsletter, etc.) from you and put them in their backpack? If, so what materials, where will they be for them to pick up?
  • Do you have a daily question or check-in that students are required to do? If so, what is the routine around this?
  • Are students expected to get their desk area set-up (take down chair, get materials on desk ready for the day, etc.)? If so, what are the expectations?
  • Are students expected to be seated a certain spot once their morning jobs are done? If so, where is this spot? If you have flexible seating, what are their choices?
  • Are students to independently start on morning work? What is the morning work?
  • Do any students have morning classroom jobs? If so, what are they? How do they know what their job is and what they are supposed to do?
  • Are there any other morning routine details that may have been missed?

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