A fluid list that we are working to compile as resources are being offered for families and educators during this time of multiple school closures. We will continue to add to the list as we discover more resources.

When our beliefs, behaviors, or attitudes conflict within ourselves we are experiencing cognitive dissonance, according to a theory developed by Leon Festinger (1957). Imagine you are trying to save money for a down payment on a house and you order a $50 steak or buy a $200 pair of jeans. That nagging or uneasy feeling…

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It is our responsibility to provide EVERY student with opportunities, to learn, improve, and grow.

Transparency and honesty are essential to the IEP process. The relationship that is established between educators and parents is crucial to student success. Communication is a cornerstone to this relationship. When educators and parents are honest, open and respectful with their communication this provides optimal support for students. I remember early on as a parent…

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Fixed Perspective of Behavior

Uncooperative, difficult, defiant, rude, disrespectful, naughty, etc.

Growth Perspective of Behavior

Communication, skill-based deficits, mental health, regulation.

Implementation is the residue of design, and when done with fidelity provides a proactive and responsive approach to teaching. EVERY student in our classrooms can be supported during implementation when we believe… …that it is our ROLE to support the learning outcomes of EVERY student. …that we need to establish RELATIONSHIPS with EVERY student. …that…

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I don’t believe that it is a surprise to anyone in education that there is value in developing a relationship with each and every student you work with. In my opinion, this value cannot be overstated and one that can be demonstrated in many ways. The insight into the individual learning inclinations of our students…

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