Likely if you have worked in education for any length of time and even more likely if you work in special education, you have been on the receiving end of disrespect by a student. As challenging as this may be, it is our responsibility as educators to maintain a sense of rational detachment in these…

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It is our responsibility to provide EVERY student with opportunities, to learn, improve, and grow.

Fixed Perspective of Behavior

Uncooperative, difficult, defiant, rude, disrespectful, naughty, etc.

Growth Perspective of Behavior

Communication, skill-based deficits, mental health, regulation.

The word “ownership” always comes to mind for me when I think about how we identify and support the learning outcomes for EVERY student in our classrooms. Who “owns’ the responsibility of supporting those learning outcomes?  As I shared in What is Equitable Teaching?, I am of the opinion that the learning outcomes should be…

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Differentiation is one of those buzzwords in education that is often misunderstood. For many it brings up a sense of feeling “overwhelmed” or having to do “extra work”. Teachers will attempt to differentiate by creating different work for students based on their skill level and over time this becomes such a daunting task that many…

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I don’t believe that it is a surprise to anyone in education that there is value in developing a relationship with each and every student you work with. In my opinion, this value cannot be overstated and one that can be demonstrated in many ways. The insight into the individual learning inclinations of our students…

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