Our way of highlighting those that are making a difference by providing equity and opportunity for individuals of all abilities.

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To find a place where you can travel with your family and know that there is a genuine focus on ensuring that all individuals are provided with the opportunity to experience the Magic of Disney, is priceless.

Walt Disney World

MSS Creative Arts Program recognizes the need for every individual to be able to express their creativity. The resources, support, and opportunity they provide to make this happen is astounding!

MSS Creative Arts Program

I want every blind person to feel that the once impossible is now possible; that he or she can now build a miniature LEGO world.

LEGO For The Blind

Upon arrival there was serenity that could not be missed. We could hear the clucking of the chickens, baa from the goats, and the rustle of the leaves from a gentle breeze.

21 Roots Farm

Cow Tipping Press works in collaboration with many other organizations to provide writing classes for individuals with disabilities. Not only do these opportunities for learning recognize the untapped potential for new writers, but they also provide a platform for individuals to voice their perspective firsthand.

Cow Tipping Press

Jet is a sweet, friendly, unassuming dog that clearly loves being around people. He has made his mark at Meadow Ridge and is loved by many future, current, and former students.

Jet and Ann

Community is not limited to Opportunity Village. Instead, there is a concerted focus on inclusive employment outside of the campuses within businesses throughout the Southern Nevada area.

Opportunity Village

Make no mistake, include(her) events are NEITHER a charity, NOR a volunteer opportunity. Instead they are genuine, they are real, they are simply a Girls’ Night Out, which is exactly why include(her) deserves a Shout-Out!

include (her)

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