Differentiating Instruction

Differentiation examples that demonstrate how to meet students at their skill level. Should be personalized to meet the individual needs of students. Check back frequently as new examples are added often.


  • Knowledge of the individual learning inclinations for students is essential for differentiation and can be discovered through the relationships you have with your students as well as through the development of learning outcomes.
  • The accommodations and modifications identified for students on individualized learning plans contribute to differentiation.
  • Accommodations can vary tremendously depending on a students skill level and provide a foundation for learning to occur with the given content.
  • Modifications are also dependent on a students skill level and provide a change to the existing content.
  • The examples below are, just that, examples. They are not the “final word” on how a specific skill should be taught, but rather a platform to support the problem solving process among educational teams.
Layered Instruction Description


Telling Time to the Hour Multiplication Facts Game


Graphic Organizer for Sentence Writing

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