Partner/Group Work


  • Until a deep sense of community has been established in your classroom do not allow students to choose their own partners/groups.
  • Vary partners/groups consistently, this can be done by changing the students seating arrangement often and having them work with their elbow partner/desk group.
  • Teach expectations of how students should work with their partner/group at beginning of the school year.
  • Review expectations throughout the school year.
  • Students should be monitored consistently.
  • Remember – working with a partner/group is a skill that needs to be taught.

Teach and practice clear expectations around:

  • Communication
  • Behavior
  • Individual contribution to work
  • Problem solving with a partner/group
  • Conflict
  • Learning from each other
  • Time management
  • Organization of materials
  • Division of responsibilities

Benefits of partner/group work

  • Develops the community in your classroom.
  • Offers opportunity for students to learn and practice social skills.
  • Offers opportunity for students to learn from and teach each other.
  • Prepares students for future educational experiences.
  • Prepares students for employment.
  • Develops a lifelong skill.

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